Odds ‘n Ends

Although we are primarily a furniture consignment store, we also have many items for those of you looking for the oddities of a thrift store.  We get all sorts of fun items that allow us to be really creative, like this chicken coup of Christmas lights display.  In order to see our current set of creative items you will have to come to the store and look around for yourself.  If you are looking for bargain deals on re-purposed items, this is the place to be.

We also have a lot of vintage items available quite often.  Whether you are searching for an old typewriter, or a Victorian looking chair, we have more selection than most thrift stores.
We are aware that most people do not go searching for old windows to hang up in their houses, but we have found that with the right design even the most commonplace items can bring a room to life.  If you find yourself considering different types of home decor than you have ever thought of before, then you will have shared in the love of decorating that we have here.  With the proper thought and care, almost anything can be used for decorating a room.
Our inventory of curiosities is extensive, and ever changing.  Come by each week to see new conversation pieces set up in ways to get your creativity going.  If you are into the uniqueness of thrift store novelties, Feather Your Nest will become your new go-to store for new ideas.