Home Ornaments

Here at Feather Your Nest we have all of the nick-knacks and ornaments you will need to decorate the furniture in your house.  Our consignors provide us with many awesome items that can really help give a room a lot of unique personality.

If you are looking for a good conversation piece or just unusually interesting decor, we have plenty of both.  From knight statues to armillary spheres, we have something that you will find interesting.

We also have many lamps and vases for those looking for the essential home ornaments.  Depending on the style you are after, we will likely have a matching set for you.
Since we have so many of these items, we cannot put them all in our live gallery for our customers to see.  If you would like to see our entire selection of home ornaments, you will have to come by the store and have a look around.