Feather Your Nest

Looking for some home decor to "feather your nest"?  Here at Feather Your Nest we enjoy helping you decorate your home in fun and imaginative ways.  We set up our consignment displays in styles that you can envision in your own home.  If you are looking for anything from a couch or table, to wall art and home ornaments, we have what you're after.  Come by today and have a look at our selection,   or venture on over to our Gallery and see some of what we have in currently!

Feather Your Nest Furniture Consignments was opened in 2008 by Gail Avery with a strong commitment to pleasing customers and consignors with our love of decorating and personal service.  We believe that everyone has a "nesting" instinct to have their perfectly decorated home even if you are just starting with a bare nest.  Our staff is ready to help you find that perfect piece for your home, which happens often for our customers as our inventory moves quickly!

We know that our customers' houses are ever-changing, sometimes growing, sometimes downsizing.  Our staff is ready to help you find what you are looking for whatever the case.  If you are wanting to consign with us, please call ahead at 244-6471 to set up a convenient appointment.  We can help you and your house with all of your consignment needs to "feather your nest" and make it a home.